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Aero-Environmental Consulting Inc.

is a certified minority/disadvantaged-owned small business dedicated to providing professional, cost-effective and confidential environmental and industrial hygiene consulting services.

Through a unique combination of experience, training and delivery, Aero-Environmental is positioned to assist our clients in managing environmental concerns in a practical manner, while at the same time protecting human health and the environment.

Aero-Environmental is on a dedicated and evolving mission to protect worker’s health and the environment; from pollutants arising from impacts to the soil or groundwater, workers health and safety, hazardous materials, or from indoor microbial growth Aero-Environmental is ready to meet the challenge.

For unsurpassed qualifications and experience delivered with uncompromising service and client advocacy, call Aero-Environmental.


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Health & Safety Training

Get program development and training for most hazards regulated by OSHA.




OSHA & Regulatory Compliance

Take the stress out of OSHA inspections. Face the regulators with confidence.




Health & Safety Planning

Get comprehensive programs to help prevent illness and injury in your company.




Based in California
Service Everywhere

Our offices are located in Monterey and San Diego, CA with services across the USA and around the world.

Aero-Enviromental regularly service businesses in San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Sacramento & Stockton.




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